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directed by Michael Slowe

Have you ever been in a rush, but suddenly something catched your attention and you stoppe to take a closer look? Well, in a busy alleyway off the high street of North London's Hampstead district, an Antique shop waits for its customers or avid collectors to stop by and find some real antique gems.

Keith Fawkes is a world known antique dealer and through interviewing him and his crew, this documentary reveals how he managed to become so succesful. Everyday, people stop by and search through the large variety of objects that the shop possess, starting from books, jewellery and even furniture, to not-so-ordinary objects and some that are really hard to find. Keith had this passion for collecting various object since a long time ago and his employees seem to own a lot of informations about antiques and know how to correctly appreciate the value of each rare object they encounter and how to deal with the sellers that come into the store.

The length of the film doesn’t help at all the impact of its subject, even if the Director of Photography managed to capture some beautiful close-ups of interesting objects from around the store. At some point, the structure of the film becomes redundant and the viewer’s interest is slowly fading, because it doesn’t come with an interesting approach to keep them engeaged till the end and it’s really unfortunate that the authors of this research chosed to display all the information they got in such an unsuitable way.

Although, taken from a journalistic perspective, the documentary reaches to absorb all the essential information of this particular story. All in all, Keith is certainly an interesting man and we believe that he still has many stories to share with the world and we would definitely like to see a more deeper approach on his life and passion, maybe even a whole TV- series.

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