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directed by Melanie de Klerk

"Get Lost in Myanmar" is a documentary short with a very interesting approach and also the first episode from a series of news/travel program that aims to highlight various international destinations recently hit by war, natural disaster or political strife. The host is Sophie Lui who is visiting Myanmar for the first time and her main goal is to show its viewers why is Myanmar a nice holiday destination and why some of its citizens should come back and live in this magnificent area.

In order to examin the country in all its splendor, Sophie starts to get along with the locals and manages to visit many attractive places. Filmed through the eyes of a tourist, but also in  a journalistic manner, the documentary concentrates on the most interesting aspects and areas from the country, carefuly analysing every facet of Myanmar. Being such a complex and diverse country, all the images are very colorful, depicting a rich cultural background that remained intact even the city went through some harsh times marked by more than fifty years of military rule, human rights abuse and political isolation. Giving such a great amount of information and rapidly moving to one side of the country to another, at some point this short film becomes hard to follow. Although, this thing is very likely to happen because of the beauty of its images captured by the "Get Lost" crew, that catches the audience’s attention for a longer time, making them forgot about the voice-over.

With its different approach, this short documentary reaches to convince its viewers that Myanmar is a perfect holiday destination and the documentary title says it all: you can easily get lost in this country without the help of a tourist guide. But you shouldn’t panic at all, because the locals are very friendly and you will surely find your way through exploring this amazing country with majestic views, great cuisine (especially the wine!) and its vast range of traditions that will definitely arouse your curiosity.

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