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directed by Derek Frey

Derek Frey’s project showcases some beautiful surroundings from around Hawai'i, highlighting the deep and powerful mystical vibe of this land. Starting from an apparently simple premise, this short film draws inspiration from the Hawaiian lore of the  Mo’o - a female, shape-shifting-type of lizard that used to protect freshwater-based systems in the islands.

A group of friends decide to go on a short trip in the remote areas of the Big Island of Hawai'i. They’re young and restless and some of them decide to delight in the warm water of the famous Green Lake, while others are exploring the area. The water has a dark-green-ish color and though there seem to be no snakes or other predators, it still gives us the chills and makes us expect something strange to come out of it. Suddenly, while one of the guys seems to have found some magic mushrooms, a character that resemblance the girl from ''The Ring'' film appears on the screen and her presence totally frightens the viewers. Moreover, this is just the beginning of what the supernatural imagination of Derek Frey is capable of.

The film looks like its main influence comes from the classical horror films, managing to create a tensioned atmosphere for the fans of B-Horror and monster movie types, without using a great amount of blood or violence, like in the nowadays horror films. Although it’s a microbudget film, the setting is very complex and pays great attention on the details. The beauty and mysticism of Hawai'i is enhanced by the mysterious tone of the soundtrack that conveys an intimidating atmosphere, always anticipating a second jump scare. The actors don’t make an exceptional performance, being very unconvincing especially in the stressful situations.

Derek Frey’s short film is fascinating, but somehow very entertaining at the same time, because it’s not an usual horror film. Starting from an urban legend, he managed to creat an interesting experimental film with the help of a commited crew. We bet that the shootings must have been really exciting and we’re expecting future projects created in the same enthusiastic manner.

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