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directed by Marc Saez

Cutting us right into the action, we find ourselves forced to move along with the rhythm of the movie to explore this journey step by step. 

With the whole action happening at night, it's clear to understand that something terrible is about to happen. Moreover, one step forward is set in this direction by the camera slowly capturing the following scene: a woman wearing red shoes dragging a chain. We're certainly intrigued by what is about to follow.

The director of photography does a fantastic job here, following the character is such a way that he illustrates her perfectly. He is giving her a one of a kind personality and sets right from the start the fact that she is the main cast viewers should keep their eyes on. 

When moving forward, we are still searching for" clues" that can establish a compass to the intro of this short film. We wake up in an underground tunnel full of colourful graffiti: the" HOKAREX" light sign spelt backwards seems to be out of any connection with the main story - therefore we can't understand it yet. 

Yet, besides that, the scenography is accurate in a minimal way, only containing articles or colours needed in such a scene, not leading us on false tracks. It cuts undeviatingly to the subject, and the following scenes revolve around the hostage speechlessly tied by the chair. 

The sound designer did a tremendous job in underlying the mood on this film, recording very crisp and pleasant to hear sounds, then mixing them to achieve an uncanny atmosphere. The intro and ending songs are right on the spot. Moreover, if we get to listen to the lyrics of the songs carefully, they explain the circumstances that they are linked to thoroughly. And finding songs that match flawlessly with your story is, for sure a far from an easy job.

The choice for a french-talking actress on the monologue is again, in this particular case, another right decision if we once again relate to the sound associated elements. It has the right tonality, and it makes us feel and attempt to set ourselves in the shoes of the hostage: at some point, it makes you cry, sweat or even scream out of fear. 

Furthermore, the quote "Eenie meeny miny moe/Catch a pervert by the toe" it's a simple yet creative line that is likely to persist in the subconscious of the public after the conclusion of the film. We appreciate the existance of this element: in this case, the simple song, which keeps the picture of this film alive for a longer time in the memory. As a first conclusion, the performance of the woman is undeniably on point, as it reaches to carry the entire course of the story. 

When it comes to the structure, even if we don't have the chance to observe the date, thanks to the fast pace editing, we get to see glimpses of it - just enough to reveal the essential elements. The storytelling has a minimalistic configuration, being necessary to mention that focusing entirely on the last frame of the night was a thoughtful decision, achieving the proper consistency of information solely from one big scene.

Even if the set is simple: one location, two characters, one monologue, this film is a vivid proof that you don't necessitate a significant cast or numerous shooting locations to achieve a meaningful movie. 

We believe that "The Role of a Lifetime" is a beautiful and well-designed movie with a powerful story behind it.

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