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directed by Craig Moore

An intriguing introduction - Who died? Why are we here? Who are the main characters we should focus on? We're thrown right in the middle of the action. The story is easy to understand from the first very minutes. The characters are well framed and characterized through image techniques, making the audience know from the start where the story is placed.

 Framing is on point, and the choice of angles is, without a doubt, fantastic, as we can feel the intention behind each frame. The director
 of photography is a professional in this domain, and it's clear that he has experience in telling stories through visual touches. We don't see that often such well-prepared preproduction. There was a healthy relationship between the production, cinematography, and directing, as the final result is a great one. We were very impressed to see such a beautiful piece in a film festival, especially witnessing the attention paid for the lighting - such outstanding natural and both artificial lighting that we don't see very often in short films! When making a short film, nowadays, filmmakers tend to not focus that much on the angles and leave different options for the editor to play with in terms of story in post-production. So that's why we were so impressed by this project's sharp image, hard to achieve hand-held very well used in the dramaturgical sense, and we would want to see more short films done this way.

 The director proves to be skillful at maintaining the public on edge and curious until the end, achieving to deliver climax moments when needed and an engaging story. Even if the information could draw its inspirations from multiple dramas, the director's unique approach is noticed and appreciated. He coordinated his team well, and the final result is festival-worthy.

The acting is good, and the casting was excellent. The self-confidence of all the actors and the experience can be seen in their acting's natural way. The public has the chance to emphasize and put themselves in the place of the characters, and that is a fantastic feeling to obtain from a short film.

The editing is brilliant and uses the proper style for the themes in this short. Especially the boxing scene, it keeps the viewer on edge at every second. Some parts will still need a second look in terms of pacing and rhythm, but overall some amazingly good looking scenes flow perfectly with the intended vibe of dramatism and expectation. The sound transitions were on point, the music and force of the dialogues were well balanced, and overall both the sound recordist and sound mixer did a professional job in this project.

One thing is clear: this short piece of cinematography seems taken right out of a feature film, and we think this is the next project this team has to do! We usually encourage the crews to make more short films, but this one has all the ingredients and is ready to go to the next level!

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