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Elektromonteur "E-class"

Egor Babichev

Elektromonteur "E-class"

Film synopsis

"The concert is ending. Musicians, Michael and Sanchir are leaving the scene and getting in the car. Sanchir is driving the car, Michael is in the back seat. Later, in turn, next to Michael are five different girls-types: barbie, femme fatale, athletic girl, size plus, conqueror. They looks grotesquely, behave defiantly. In every way they are trying to get Michael's attention, but he is cold and indifferent to them.
In parallel, through action, there is a second episode. Musicians are coming to the abandoned factory. Michael walks down the abandoned corridor. At the end of the corridor, with the red-blue glow, the cellophane "portal" pulsates. Sanchir beckons Michael and disappears in cellophane. Following Sanchir, Michael also enters the "portal".
Michael finds himself in a surreal space woven from cellophane, concrete, and with a silver floor. Around motionless figures are wrapped in a transparent fabrics. Passing through them, Michael touches one of the figures. The figures begin to come to life and free themselves from tissue. Revived people-masks, begin to wriggle, their strange dance prevents him them from making their way. Gradually, the space becomes cramped and uncomfortable: the walls narrow, the ceiling lowers. Dancers cling even closer to Michael. It is more difficult for him to wade between the bodies. Finally, constrained by the walls and people, Michael crawl to the exit, tears the cellophane and gets out. He finds himself in a room with old TVs. Ot the screen, Michael sees himself in a car with the girls.
The Final. Roadside. We see an empty car, the hood is open, smoke is coming. Michael leaves the car, followed by a string of staggering girls. All go into the distance, to meet the bright light."

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Russian Federation


Music Video

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