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Binky's World




Binky's World

Robert Harders

Binky's World

Film synopsis

"Haring Johnson, supervising writer on the hit TV show with slipping ratings, "Binky's World," identifies a tad too closely with the show's heroic, crime-solving main character, Binky, an eleven year old boy.

Since research has revealed 85% of the kids binge watching "Binky's World" over and over again are from single parent homes and no longer feel safe seeing Binky living with two adults - especially two adults who are not even the same gender - the network decrees that Binky's parents must get a divorce to boost ratings.

The pending divorce of Binky's TV parents forces Haring to relive repressed memories of his own nightmarish childhood, and, on the verge of becoming emotionally unhinged, he begins having problems distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

And then there's Haring's lifelong fear and hatred for his own father Samuels Johnson III, a disgraced TV network anchor with a PhD in Philosophy who has set up shop as an investigative political reporter hosting a weekly internet podcast.

When Samuels is brutally beaten in retaliation for getting a little too close to the truth in his secret double life as an FBI undercover agent, will Haring's years of therapy allow him to resolve his emotional issues in time to fill his father's shoes by helping the FBI catch the bad guys, not to mention save the day by keeping the family podcast going until Samuels awakens from his coma, while at the same time thwarting the office coup planned by ambitious and newly hired "Binky's World" staff writer Russ Hubner who wants Harings' job as well as his girl?

The answer is Yes! Of course, that's exactly what Haring's going to do. After all, Binky would."

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United States


Animation, Web / New Media

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