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Gun Metal Max




Gun Metal Max

Jonathan Brooks

Gun Metal Max

Film synopsis

"Ben is a 10 year old boy like any other. Although he likes to spend most of his spare time wrapped up in the fictional world of Gun Metal Max, his favorite comic book hero. To Ben, Gun Metal Max is the greatest hero there is. Strong, brave and the defender of light! It’s no wonder Ben would much rather recreate his hero’s adventures in his play room…

Always at his side is his Gun Metal Max action figure. Where Ben goes, he goes. Together they defend Beacon City, the last human stronghold against the unstoppable Shadow. Creatures from another dimension with a taste for destruction, jumping between dimensions and leaving them in darkness. Nothing can stop them, no known weapon can defeat them. Unless Gun Metal Max has simply been looking in the wrong place?

What may seem like a fun and exciting story, may be more real than Ben could possibly imagine. For our world is but one within countless other dimensions, more than anyone could even comprehend. Each with their own stories and possibilities. In our world, Gun Metal Max is merely a fictional comic book hero. But in a distant dimension, his story is very real…

Fuelled by his mission to defeat the unstoppable Shadow and find a weapon to finally defeat them, Gun Metal Max uses his power to jump between dimensions which finds himself in our world. But he needs help, the Shadow has followed him and will stop at nothing to prevent him from finding the weapon. By chance, Gun Metal Max meets Ben, whom he takes under his wing to help find the weapon and stop the unstoppable Shadow once and for all…

Featuring music from renowned synthwave artist 'Timecop1983' and original score by lead singer of rock band 'As It Is', Patty Walters...

Best Sci-Fi - New York Movie Awards
Best Sci-Fi - Venice Shorts
Best Sci-Fi - OutlantaCon
Best FX - OutlantaCon
Best Young Performer "Eliot Milward" - OutlantaCon

Finalist - Hollywood Gold Awards
Finalist - Beyond Time Awards
Semi Finalist - Fade In Awards Sci-Fi
Semi Finalist - Children's Cinema Awards CCA
Semi Finalist - Venice Shorts
Best Children's Film (Runner-Up) - MiSciFi
Best Director - OutlantaCon
Best Cinematography - OutlantaCon
Best Production Design - OutlantaCon
Best Sound - OutlantaCon

Official Selections:
Boston Sci-Fi Film Fest
Fade In Awards
Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival
Pensacon Short Film Festival
Toronto's Film Festival of Time: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror & History
Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival
Durango Independent Film Festival
THAT Film Festival
CINECITY Brighton Film Festival
Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards and Festival
Itabaiana International Film Festival
OutlantaCon Short Film Festival
Insólito: Festival Internacional de Cine de Terror y Fantasía
New York Movie Awards - Monthly Festival
Grindhouse Planet Film Festival
Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival
Motion Pictures International Film Festival
FantaSci Film Festival
Hollywood Gold Awards
Royal Starr Film Festival
HEX After Dark Film Festival"

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United Kingdom



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