Issa Vibe



Issa Vibe

Phil Jaycob, King Ketelby James

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Naomi Lareine a name that sounds like bitter-sweet chocolate and a voice that captures the listeners attention immediately. Naomi Lareine is a young and incredibly ambitious singer from Zurich (CH) and is considered one of the most promising voices out of Switzerland. Singing has always been her greatest passion, that passion and persistence combined with her patience and timing, led her to take the next big steps. With her single ‘Sweet Latina’ she was able to cause quite a stir and scored over 75,000 streams in just a few weeks. Now it‘s time for her second single ‘ISSA VIBE’, which was produced by STARTER GANG members SODIRT, King Ketelby James and Japhna Gold. The three producers already produced for names like Marteria (DE), Monet192 (CH/DE), Pronto (CH), JAS CRW (CH) and many more. With her uniquely gentle but powerful and soulful idiom, inspired by the voice of the former RnB star Aaliyah, she astonishes all listeners in the shortest possible time. Naomi tells in her lyrics about her experiences, which have accompanied and influenced her in her life. With her honest lyrics, soulful melodies, RnB lasting beats and partly modern influences, every soul lover gets his money‘s worth. An EP is already in the pipeline and will turn the Swiss and international music scene upside down in the spring of 2019. Naomi has been playing successful shows since the end of last year and proves again and again that she was born for the stage.

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