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Wake me up when we’re by the sea




Wake me up when we’re by the sea


Wake me up when we’re by the sea

Film synopsis

In a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by global warming, a father and a daughter face their journey to the south. After the Apocalypse, the world in which they try to survive is dominated by heat and drought: water is now scarce, it hasn't rained for a decade, and cities are half-destroyed due to high temperatures and excessive humidity. The few people left on the planet, on their ruthless hunt for survival, are northbound in search of a more favourable climate. Luigi is a father who does not give up and takes the opposite direction to fulfil Sofia's dream: seeing the sea for the first time. Relying on his own strength and with the little food he has left, he is determined to make his daughter's wish come true. Sofia is a sweet, devoted little girl and she's never seen the sea, nor the rain, nor school nor the whole world that existed before the Apocalypse. A red shell around her neck, a sort of lucky charm, accompanies her on her journey. After running out of supplies, Luigi and Sofia arrive in an abandoned city full of rubble and debris. While searching for food, they find some jellies, created in the recent past to survive the lack of food. In that same village, however, some looters rob them and leave them with nothing. In a world now in ruins, survival seems more and more difficult. At dusk, without any food, they stop to rest in an abandoned building. Before falling sound asleep, Sofia, exhausted, plays with her father for the last time. In the morning, Luigi, with his daughters close behind, comes out of the building, sensing the closeness of the sea. The journey is now coming to an end. Behind a headland, there it is, finally, the sea. Luigi arrives at the water's edge, followed by his daughter. But it’s all just an illusion. He is alone, he is not holding Sofia's hand, only her red shell.

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