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Chasing Glaciers: Cordillera Blanca

Mark Albert Gregory

Chasing Glaciers: Cordillera Blanca

Film synopsis

"Ancash is a province in Peru known for its emblematic landscapes of the Andes: Snow capped mountains, turquoise lagoons and lush valleys. But did you know all of this natural beauty could disappear at the end of this century?

This part of the Andes is known as the Cordillera Blanca and it contains 60% of the glaciers in Peru. Over the last 50 years they have lost more than 40% of their mass due to Climate Change. The water that comes from these giant blocks of ice during the summer months play a vital role in the ecosystems, the towns and cities of the region. Without the glaciers there is no year-round water source and without water there is no life.

In Chasing Glaciers, our protagonist, the artist Cake, starts an adventure to see how Climate Change is impacting the people of Ancash. He finds a web of conflicts, economic interests, imminent risks, and a strange phenomenon where the local environment is contaminating itself."

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