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Scent of A Persimmon Flower

Jae hong park

Scent of A Persimmon Flower

Film synopsis

A midsummer story between a middle-aged brother who works hard at his food stall with his wife and his blinded younger sister caused by an accident at an early age.
The brother lives a difficult life financially and suffers maritally from his wife, so he cannot afford to take care of his blind sister.

One day, he comes back home earlier than usual from an exhausting day. He enters the house quietly not to disturb his sister’s sleep.
However, as he enters, he hears his sister moaning. As he opened the door, he catches her masterbating.
He had forgotten that she was also a woman and wants things just like rest of us do.

The next day, he asks and pays his friend to take care and stay with her at home. Hoping that he might grow some feelings for her, but she is middle-aged, big and a disabled woman.

After a long rainy season ended one rainy summer day, him and his sister goes on a trip, just two of them.

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Republic of Korea



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