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The Free Hearts Friedrich Nietzsche

Garshasp Y Ghobadi

The Free Hearts Friedrich Nietzsche

Film synopsis

Short Reviewing the Story :
in 1883 Nietzsche wrote the book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" to use for teach the superman method. But the day he sees the "whipped horse in Turin", he becomes disappointed, and at that moment he imagined the future of Human without emotion and realized that humans cannot become superhumans. Because without a "good heart" that helps to "balance" "truth" and "nature", we cannot be superhuman it was the Prophet "Zarathustra" way . So it led Nietzsche to a mental breakdown and permanent illness and then death. But this was the beginning of the story because a distant future was waiting for mankind that Nietzsche imagined before he died . So in this sci fiction story will be start with this theory.
so in the sci fiction film in future the city is representative of all the world . and it has been built like a prison . which includes false teachings and miserable lives. So, in this movie, those who forget humanity, because of gain and money and material their hearts become dark, and their leader has a reverse dark heart. And in order to obtain gain ,( humans with reversed dark hearts without soul and without sense ) are like machine in the film and also they are anti humanity . the establishes new rules so that only those with a dark heart remain for survival. Robots and these forces of darkness teach people to put aside human feelings and emotions and fight against the owners of Bright Hearts or human hearts. In this movie, the sun is the observer. And it sends the forces for help , which is the angel or the legendary bird of Phoenix and the power of nature and plants, to help the lighting forces and the children. The forces of light helps humans who fight for freedom and truth. And the image of this whole story, the city and these battles finally turns into the body of Friedrich Nietzsche, whose heart is burning like a ship in fire. (Last image) These are the symbols that I tried. I tried to make the viewer think. This has been my goal. Thinking . deep thinking.

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