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I Am Eva

Nata Zverovich

I Am Eva

Film synopsis

""I Am Eva" is a first-hand story of a person who identifies as gender neutral and looks into what it is like to exist other than male or female while living within a lack of legal gender recognition.

The film explores the dimensions of human gender which go beyond a one-dimensional scale of male and female.

The narrative follows the life of Eva, a person in their thirties who was born and raised in the USSR and now is a photographer and an artist who lives and works in the United States.

What does it mean to be different and for years look for your own identity growing in the Soviet Union? What are your family sentiments about you being different in a country where it could be prosecuted and punished? Can years of travel and living in many countries help you find an answer to the question: who are you? Is it possible to finally look in the mirror and stop constantly asking this question, finding your own peace?

Eva’s story observes through the interview and intimate, vivid visuals of their life in Russia and across many countries including their present life in Tucson, Arizona, describing emotional, physical, and mental changes and obstacles Eva faced through these years just to exist.

Non-binary people are still invisible, even in queer community. They are generally misunderstood by the wider community, which would like them to pick a side and put them in a box labeled “feminine” or “masculine”. Discrimination or prejudice against non-binary people is the reason why this film is important."

Project summary




United States


Documentary, Student Film

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