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Anbirkum Undo [Love Knows No Boundaries]

Arul Sankar S

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Film synopsis

"A lovely Malayalam Speaking Muslim couple, Aneesh and Jaseera reside in a beautiful village on the slopes of the Western Ghats near the Tamilnadu-Kerala border. Aneesh runs a small business in the village. They love each other so much and their life is as beautiful as the blossoming nature of the ghats. They live in a joint family which has many children but unfortunately, Aneesh’s wife was not blessed with a child even while they were approaching their late 30s. Aneesh comes home one fine day to find out from his cheerful wife that she is pregnant. They rush to the village hospital to confirm the pregnancy. Once it is confirmed, the whole family becomes happy and celebrates the news.

Arun and Preethi, a young Tamil speaking couple residing in Chennai, fall in love with each other. They had to elope from their homes because Arun is a Christian while Preethi is a Hindu and their family did not accept their relationship. Coincidentally, they find shelter in the same lovely village Aneesh and his family were residing in. Arun found work in a star hotel, where construction was underway. Life was becoming a beautiful journey in a beautiful village. Years run by and Preethi becomes pregnant. Both Jaseera and Preethi’s pregnancy happens around the same time and they both get admitted to the only hospital in the village on the same day. Due to nobody’s fault but because of a simple but costly mistake, their babies get swapped. Years fly by before those couples realize what has happened and their world freezes. They were completely unprepared for what was in front of them. The respective children they were lovingly raising together weren’t theirs. No parent can ever be prepared for such a fact.

Now both the couples face the biggest dilemma, which subsequently would impact not just their lives but also their children.

What will they do?

Will they accept what destiny has gifted them with?

Or are they going to fight with the destiny?

India has diverse culture with it's various languages, religious beliefs, caste system. The story deals with two such families and how love on each other unites them beyond their differences."

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