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Brian Fairbairn, Karl Eccleston

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Film synopsis

"In Regency-era London five women waiting for a carriage descend into a frenzy of vicious gossip about a notorious scandal - with devastating results.

Georgina Ashton is on edge. It’s the last ball of the London season and she has no-one to go with: her husband Robert has suddenly left town and a friend - Fanny Beaumont - has mysteriously withdrawn an invitation to attend the ball with her. Having hastily rearranged to go with another friend, Mrs Willis, Georgina is shocked to find herself face to face with the very woman who has so inexplicably snubbed her. As the women wait for their carriage in the blistering heat tensions simmer - but the elephant in the room isn't the one Georgina thinks it is. Rumours have resurfaced of a scandal that rocked London society some years before involving a gay brothel and clique of crossdressers. By the time the carriage is finally announced Georgina has been left in no doubt that she and her husband are about to be brutally exposed."

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