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The Yesterday

Benita Vera von Sass

The Yesterday

Film synopsis

With provocative elements of surrealism and paranoia, von Sass’s often dreamlike visionary debut is a love story steeped in psychoanalytic symbolism. Non-linear glimpses blur the line between reality and fantasy - a philosophical journey from disillusionment to self-love. Set to a predominantly rhythm guitar infused score including both 70’s San Francisco sound hits and current hits by Chris Norman and Calum Graham, ‘The Yesterday’ is a bittersweet ode to love.

A disillusioned successful businesswoman struggling to find meaning in her privileged life, finds unexpected love and is forever changed.

Two foreigners in London from differing backgrounds and ages find themselves in a love neither could have imagined. One is a young shopkeeper from India awaiting the arrival of his wife by arranged marriage; the other a mature, principled businesswoman from America.

The story is Josephine’s. A foreigner in London, she has struggled to find lasting contentment and joy. She has fought her way to worldly success, but something has kept her searching for a pure, indisputable inner fulfillment. Wherever she turns, her dismay with the world sees only exploitation and abuse.

The young Shopkeeper is likewise a foreigner. Educated and starting his life journey, he has arrived to seek a better life in England for himself and young bride. Working long hours tending a store, he follows all rules until he finds himself apprehended by love.

Neither could have known the unexpected fulfillment, realization and heartbreak to come.

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Canada, United Kingdom


Student Film, Fiction

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