Directed by Tyrees A. Lamptey

Film synopsis

A game of chess in 1973 reignites the two players' vivid memories of their fateful meeting during the visceral Great War of 1914.

A World War I thriller that sees two unlikely friends rediscovering their humanity amongst the carnage of the War to end all wars.

"Pawns" is a short historical drama, and though only 13 minutes long, packs an epic scope in its short duration with rich cinematic detail, artistic ambition and engaging storytelling.

But despite the impressive scope and production value, the film captures the intimacy of two people looking across the chasm created by war and politics -- and seeing each other as full human beings.

Project summary


12 minutes 34 seconds


United Kingdom


Period, Thriller, Drama, History, War, Biography

  Release Date  

26 May 2017

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