The Day Dreams

Hem Chandra Borah

Film synopsis

"Day dreams never turn to reality. But sometimes it helps people to accept the harsh reality of life.
Bikram Hazarika is an eight years old boy residing with his mother on a breached embankment of Dhansiri river. His father died of a boat accident while saving a small boy. People liked him for his bravery and honesty. Bikram aspires to study in a good school. It’s his dream.
On the other hand, in spite of being a poor fish seller, Bikram’s mother Anima is a dignified lady. But Bikram wants his mother to quit this trade and start a grocery instead. Anima can’t realize her son’s dream as she is not rich enough to do so.
After a couple of assaults form the elderly persons, little Bikram realizes that he can’t fulfill his dream and decides to take up his father’s trade. "

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Fiction, Drama

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