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ANTARCTICA. Slides of Life


ANTARCTICA. Slides of Life

Film synopsis

"Antarctica – unique place on the Planet Earth. It is like a time machine when you get to the world where the animals are not afraid of the human beings like it was long time ago. The times when they did not know that the humans can hurt them. The place where you get to the illusion of harmonious co-existence of them and us. The place where your mind relaxes in pleasure among these amazing landscapes 360 degrees around. We, the creators of this film, belong to the category of the people whose happiness depend on the connection with the nature, on contemplating the splendor of it in live. When we behold the wild nature, we feel greatly the necessity of its existence. One can talk about the ethical aspects of preserving it, argue that the world is not created just for the humans and that we should respect the other beings etc. But as for us, our love to nature is so strong, that our own egoism dominates even over these ethical principles. Existence of the wildlife is vital for ourselves! As without this beauty, we personally won’t have so happy and fulfilling life! If humanity degrades so strong as to destroy it completely, our minds will deep in sadness forever and nothing else will fill in this hole in the souls! Contemplating and admiring of the nature brings you to the most delicate states of the mind and sensations, purify and open the heart. It hints that there is something else beyond, something much greater… Nature with its beauty is a part of us!
Our goal is to show this beauty to as many people as possible in order to let them fall in love with it so strongly as we do. We are sure that this love will help to preserve it and take right decisions when it comes to decide to destroy or to save. And with those who are already on the same way, we want to share this film to enjoy.
Our dream – the world where humanity and scientific progress coexist with the wild nature and the animals without destroying and killing it.
Harmony and joy to all of us!"

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