Zulay Magazieva

Film synopsis

In 2018, a young Icelandic woman, Karítas Hvönn Baldursdóttir, won the Danish Championship in Muay Thai - also known as Thai boxing. The film follows Karitas through her first three fights: a defeat; a draw; and finally victory in the Danish Championship. Karitas grew up on a small farm on Iceland, and is now studying in Copenhagen. Noi, her coach, grew up in Thailand with Thai boxing a part of everyday life. Karitas dreams about winning. Noi can see her potential and shows her – through merciless training, humility and the disappointment of defeat - the path to victory. The timeline of the film runs from the summer 2017 to early 2018. The film is primarily chronological and built around the three fights.

Project summary


29 minutes 46 seconds





  Release Date  

March 15, 2019

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