Mediterranean Lights

Ismaele Tortella

Film synopsis

This is the story of a young Spanish guy chasing his dreams all the way to the Arctic. In 2017, Samuel arrived in Tromsø. Since he was a child, he had always dreamt about meeting orcas off the coast of Northern Norway. His search for this apex predator led him to the Norwegian Arctic, where he started a Master in Marine Biology. But things never happen quite as planned… As Samuel started exploring the area around the capital of the North, he was amazed at how the landscape was carved into mountains and fjords. He set out with his bike to discover breathtaking scenery in all of the Arctic seasons. A nature-loving biologist at heart, Samuel would never have imagined working in the tourism sector. Soon he found himself working as a northern lights guide, so he could make ends meet in one of the most expensive countries in Europe. He learned how to 'chase the lights' and understand this incredible natural phenomenon, whilst studying hard to become a marine biologist and work with the orcas of his childhood dreams.

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Outdoor, Documentary

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