directed by Sergei Safiullin

Using the structure of a short warning piece of advertising that is usually financed by governments, "Bite me!" seeks to release a warning signal about domestic violence. This information is revealed only at the end of the film.


An interesting angle opens the film, telling the story from the victim's point of view.  Alluring details heighten viewer curiosity from the very first start. The use of "blinks" done in post-production is a wise one, as it perfectly fits with the victim's situation and doesn't seem like a forced visual effect. After a few lines, the man and the scenography of the house seem to resemble the scenes from the TV series Breaking Bad (2008, d. Vince Gilligan) and we start wondering about what happens next, hoping that the violent scene won't be too long.


The sound design is well-executed and adds perfectly to the mood intensification, sounding like it was recorded live at the location. Also, the 911 call that plays on the foreground is very accurate and believable. The soundtrack has an authentic touch, emphasising the inflamed atmosphere. Also, the choice of green colour grading in the first half of the movie and then giving it a red filter was a clever one and aesthetically helpful for the plot.


When the child appears in the shaft of the camera and his father yells and beats him, leaving him laying on the floor, the film becomes hard to watch. The quality of the domestic violence reenactment is not debatable, but it undoubtedly cannot be presented to viewers without a proper warning at the beginning. 


In the end, even with the last text warning at the end, this video is still disturbing and hard to watch, yet the execution is definitely on point. Its purpose is applaudable as it is aiming to alarm and awaken its viewers.

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