directed by Julian Lim

Starting from the idea of creating a feature film, "Crime Confidential " was concentrated as a short film that tells the story of Detective Vincent, a man who is sent in a secret mission in order to discover a mole. His loyal companion was recently killed on the field and now he has to find out what really happened to him, before another officer gets murdered. Shortly after, things get messier and the plot gets an unexpected twist, making the main character more furious and avid in eliminating his enemies.

Having a dynamic start, the plot rushly develops in front of the viewer’s eyes, sometimes felling a bit too accelerated and projecting too much details at a time, and the viewers can’t properly follow it. Even if sometimes the length of some scenes doesn’t feel quite right, it still manages to follow the rhythm of a classic action-thriller movie, supporting a good idea with quality technical aspects of the filmmaking process.

"Crime Confidential" gets most things right and offers a very enjoyable set of characters. This is a real success, as it gradually builds and develops these complex and nuanced characters who, by means of both inner and outward conflict, till the end reach to reveal their real facets.

Fierce fights, injuries, clues and mysteries are all over in the plot of this short film and every action is captured with some eye-catchy cinematic angles in carefuly picked locations. The great attention to details and the variety of filming techniques are key elements in developing the story that along with an adequate editing make this piece watchable and uplifting. After 30 years we get to see the old Vincent revisiting the memories of his dear ones that were murdered long time ago, hoping that no one will get to experience such a painful event.

Overall, we appreciated the work of Julian Lim, as he managed to create an intense and complex experience, using a remarkable variety of filmmaking techniques. His film surely looks like a veritable action-thriller one, even if sometimes the plot gets cliché-istic and slightly unconvincing.