directed by Jacob Hayek

In a not so muslim-friendly America, a muslim family tries to make a living and to withstand the daily rejection they encounter in the nowadays society. It’s their son’s first day at the new school, but things seem to not be that bright when he steps out of his house.

Starting from the yellow school bus, no one wants him to sit right next to them. Everyone thinks that he’s a terrorist because of his cultural background and when he finally arrives at school, he gets bullied and ridiculed during the breaks. His shawl is profaned by some guys and he’s too afraid to stand them, so he returns home without it. Later on, a Jewish girl finds the shawl and decides to clean it and to give it back to the boy, becoming his defender and helping him get over the people’s stereotypes.

This short film has a deep message and reaches to break the barriers of misconceptions, showing the world the true face of humanity. We shouldn’t make differences based on the appearances nor the religion or other characteristics. It’s not healthy for the society to act like this because, at the end of the day, we’re all humans and we all have the same needs and dreams like the rest of the world. Through the little boy’s example, Jacob Hayek manages to create an original heartwarmer story, giving us a lesson that we mustn’t forget.

We’re glad that we had the chance to see a film with such an interesting approach of a serious and sensitive subject, although the length of the film doesn’t really help its viewers to stay focused till the end. Despite that, the technical aspects of the film can warrant very little criticism. The cinematography is neat and very much on point, managing to add some value to this true lesson of humanity in a thoughtful manner. The actors give an exceptional performance, playing their characters in a very convincing way and making the acting be one of the most important aspects of this film.

All in all, this short is beautifuly crafted and certainly reaches to get its viewers to empathize with the little muslim’s boy situation, showing the true face of racism through his perspective.

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