directed by Vlad Dorofte

Among our everyday life and personal problems that seem to never find an ending, we tend to walk straight on the streets and not look at the surroundings. In response, this short makes you stop for a moment and think about, for example, that homeless man that you crossed by today and haven’t even gave him your attention for just a second. Even a person like him has a story to say and “The Glove” gives you a slightly different perspective over an apparently simple happening.

Raining or snowing, the choice of b&w cinematography stands out, creating a certain atmosphere which offers the viewer a more somber attitude towards the story. The director of photography uses a lot of close-ups to focus the attention on the most important details that compose the story, in fact, a very simple one, and also makes the situations more intimate. The absence of the dialogue provides the setting a dramatic effect, making it a wisely chosen detail for the story itself.

The look of the main character gives him much more personality, as it looks very convincing and acts as well. The simplicity of his gestures and the tremendous joy that he shows when he finds a glove – an apparently unimportant thing for the rest of the people, but a real treasure for him, brings a smile on the face of the viewers.

Roma Yagnik’s soundtrack succedes to perfectly underline the feelings of the characters, from mood music to the joyful moments that are greatly connected thanks to the drum beats that have an important line throughout the film. Even if the lenght of some frames tends to make you wait too long without necessarily having a tension factor in some of the scenes, the drum score that offers the continuous background music bridges and the main character’s performance make you easily forget about this aspect.

All in all, the story reaches through the feeling of its viewers, telling a heart-warming story that worths that break you just took from your daily routine to watch this and remind you that you should be more thankful for what you have and more careful with the ones around you.

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