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directed by Ignacio Redondo

Have you ever got up in the morning and thought: „This day is going to be amazing, nothing in the whole world can ruin it”? It happened to us also, but then we got up for real and realized all that was just a dream, like the main character in this film does. It happens to be the most important day of David’s life and there are a lot of money involved – he may sign a $10.000.000 deal with a Japanese Holding and, of course, he will get a big commission out of it if everything goes as it was planned. But not every time life turns out like we would expect it to be.

From the very beginning we noticed that this film has some nerves and it would certainly not disappoint the audience till the end, which, we have to tell, it’s pretty unexpected and hilarious. The story is catchy and very well written. This film contains a few funny bits with every character David encounters – a cute girl with a dog, his bartender friend, a gang of guys who try to steal the purse of a good looking lady and so on. This unexpected and amusing twists reach to arouse our curiosity and somehow empathise with David’s two possible situations: first, we’re perfectly jealous on how everything goes well for him and, the second time, everything seems to fall apart and we’re feeling bad, but we also feel that justice was made.

As opposed to many other comedies, ”The Perfect Day” actually gets better as it moves along and Ignacio Redondo manages to point out a hilarious story in the funniest way possible. The acting adds a lot to the film because David perfectly fits in every situation the film presents and with the help of a very dynamic cinematography and editing, this short will definitely become one of your favourite.

If you want a good laugh in your coffee break, then this is the right short for you. It’s certainly an enjoyable one, and very much worth seeing. Gather your mates and enjoy this piece of cinematography that will instantly brighten your day.

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