directed by Rafael Fernanz

We can honestly affirm right from the beginning that this piece of filmmaking is not only particularly pleasant to watch, but it also has a nice approach towards the experimental feel of a short film in general.

The music underlines each of the characters’ feelings, contributing to their depth, creating just the right atmosphere and having a very interesting evolution – growing in intensity and guiding their every move. When it is time to be attentive, the music and the sound design are crafted in a peculiar way, having the right rhythm and making the viewer become more engaged with the emotions of the piece.

Maybe the first thing that strikes the eye is the quality of the image, which is definitely unblemished and beautifully treated in terms of aesthetics, with nice and smooth angles and lightning, which evoke perfectly the mood for each part of the film. On the other hand, the cinematography intends to take on a deeper meaning. Its professional sharp look automatically gives a plus to the content, the director of photography managing to do an exceptional job in reaching that flawless look of the structure.

Engaging with the public, even if the outset is concentrating mainly on the monologue, it reaches to get the attention of the audience through the voice over that evokes some Bible verses, resembling the voice of God. The voice matches the images perfectly and the ending leaves you with an apocalyptic feeling – a poetic approach present throughout the whole movie.

The pace is nicely sat and it takes on the rhythm of the music, always leading the speed of it. Through music the audience’s imagination can fill the void with their perspective of the story, interpreting not only what they see, but also what they hear. The story is built through sound and the music is thoroughly harmonised with each scene, this being a part of the post production that we appreciated the most.

All in all, we regard this short piece of filmmaking as an appealing experiment, in which the director proves to have acquired just the right skills to convey their message through that form of art that reaches the soul instantly: visual poetry.